Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Is it weird that I'm taking pictures next to the toilet?

Top: Miss Selfridge
Trousers: True Religion
Scarf: H&M

Anyway two slightly different outfit. The first one is want I was planning on wearing today, I just took my Grandma out for lunch for her birthday. But at the last minute I just changed my top as I thought I was perhaps looking too 'beige', although I actually prefer this outfit now I've seen them both.

Top: Topshop
Rest of outfit: As before

Excuse the lighting in this picture, it was taken after I'd been out so the light is turning a bit rubbish!

Must just say I am a massive fan of H&M scarfs, this particular one is an amazing colour match to my trousers and is a fab dupe of Louis Vuitton's scarf this season. I must just add that I'm not usually a lover of designer clothes 'fakes', least of all Louis, but I actually went and stroked the real LV scarf the other day and lets just say that it is definitely not worth near on £500! (obviously if anyone wants to give me one for free then go on ahead!)

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