Monday, 15 November 2010

Mamma Mia!

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You may or may not have heard about Mama Mio. I believe its a relatively new brand, mainly aimed at mums-to-be. I am not a mother nor am I a mother-to-be. But I reckon I found a little gem in the brand!

I was introduced to the brand just under a year ago. Whilst I was minding my own business, having a facial, my beautician commented on how scarred my cheeks were, (yeah, cheers for that love). Anyhoo, I agreed, years of being a serial spot picker had taken its toll on my rather delicate face. She recommended the See-no-Scar solution from the Mama Mia range. I'd never heard of the brand but I must have been feeling frivolous that day because I got it. I remember really liking it but being so annoyed when I ran out 2 weeks later that I never re-purchased it.

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Fast forward to now. I decided to have a overhaul of my skin regime and remember my brief love for the stuff. So decided to buy it again. £24.50 later I am in love again.

Now I know £24.50 doesn't seem like a massive spend, but you actually only get 30mls. The bottle is sneakily larger than its contents.....but I digress, down the the nitty-gritty

The Claim

"See-No-Scar Solution will help magic away the reminders of any serious or surgical scars"

The Reality

I'm using it on acne scars, which I don't think I can claim are 'serious', but they are obvious when I'm make-up free. My skin has always been rubbish but I just kind of thought that as long as I had a decent foundation my skin underneath didn't really matter. I've been using the soultion for around 2 weeks now and I can 100% see an improvement. The scar have become a lot less noticable and my skin just looks 'plumper' and smoother.

The only one negative I have about it, is the fact that it does make my skin look extremely shiny after application. I guess it's not actually marketed as a face cream, and so on any other part of the body it wouldn't matter if it gave you any extra sheen. Because of this I tend to use it all over at night and then just on my cheeks during the day, which are the most scarred areas of my face, and don't tend to get shiny (that said, I still use a good matte primer)

I would easliy recommend See-no-Scar soultion, and it's becoming more readily avaliable (in fact, I'm sure I saw it in Debenhams the other day)

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pinksaphire85 said...

I might have to see if i can get this stuff for my BF but i am in Australia so most likely we cant get it here. Nice blog :)


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