Sunday, 11 September 2011

On the wrong track

Couldn't really resist breaking out the wedges!

Unfortunately this outfit was meant to be worn for going out in Covent Garden with a friend. But someone decided to jump in front of a train, so I actually spent 2 hours sitting on a train to London that was at a standstill. Then was made to get off the train at some random station with no trains running. Until eventually I managed to find a train that could take me back home. All very stressful and I will not go into what I think of people who decided to take there own life in front of a train on a Friday evening rush hour.

I did manage to met my friend in my home town for a Mexican though, so all was not lost.

Top - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
Wedges & ring - River Island
Bag - Primark


Angel In This Dress said...

Ahhhh it's your awesome wedges in action! They're a-ma-zing!

I hate when people decide to be suicidal in time for the morning / evening rush hour. Is just so inconsiderate and messes everybody else's plans up! x x

Kat said...

Oh, it really is just SO inconsiderate of people to kill themselves when it is inconvenient for you! Oh my gosh, someone else's misery fucked up your plans for fun.

I'm sorry, but this was disgusting. Really.

Suzi said...

Not just me love, the thousands of people that couldn't get home or to appointments or on a flight, the emergency services that had to deal with the horror of clearing up a mangled dead body and the persons family and friends that had to deal with the realisation that there loved one had taken there own life.

Pretty inconsiderate.

Emma said...

These wedges are amazing, and you have the longest legs ever!
Gorgeous outfit!


Twiggs said...

I spent my sunday eve going through all your old posts- loved them all spesh your hair timeline you look so different with your browny colour.

I'm also now obsessed with your white RI skirt.



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