Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cut me a Wedge.

I love a wedge.

I found these beauties on the River Island website a week or so ago. After an evening discussing/persuading with my long suffering boyfriend how soon he'd be able to go out shopping with his friend who works for River Island so I could get a discount on them. I went to sleep that night and promptly had a mild panic about how if I waited for him then they might sell out.

Luckily I was in London, at my boyfriends, so I hot footed it down to Oxford Street the next day, where apparently the 'flagship' store of River Island lies. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for a flagship store it's pretty damn small and lacking in stock. In fact there are actually two pretty damn small River Island stores masquerading as big stores down Oxford Street. Nevertheless I figured that at least one of the stores would stock the sacred wedges.

Alas, neither store came up with the goods. The first one was a complete no show, and so I practically ran down to the next store (no mean feat on a umbrella/tourist filled Friday afternoon down Oxford Street) with my fingers crossed, only to find the one remaining pair were in a tiny size 3. I think I may have cried a little.

So thank goodness for the internet, where they are fully in stock.

And here they are.....

Cannot wait to do an outfit post with them on.

I predict I will probably stain them within the first 5 minutes of wear, but what's the point of nice shoes if you can't wear them, huh?


Angel In This Dress said...

Ahhhhh they're gorgeous! I know what you mean about the River Island Oxford Street stores. In fact, there's quite a few disappointing stores around there. I went last night - needing to spend some Miss Selfridge vouchers - and for a "main" store it was pretty lacking :S x x

Suzi said...


I think it's just the humongous Topshop sets the standard for flagship stores, and so the rest just fail! Still you can use your vouchers in Topshop too since they are like joined to each other which is pretty neat!


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