Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wishing S/S 2011

Budgeting is hard.

Especially when hints of the new seasons clothing & accessories are beginning to pop up.

Especially, especially when the following rules apply:

  1. If you see something that you love/want in your size in the following stores Topshop, ASOS, River Island, Zara, you cannot wait for payday, you cannot wait and 'think' about it, you must buy now, or forever trawl eBay in vain hoping that someone might be selling said item for a reasonable price. 
  2. By the time the British weather decides that it might like to be 'hot' for one day, all the stores will have there A/W stock in. 
  3. Or we'll have a freak heat wave in April/May and you won't have bought anything to wear yet. 
It makes it 10 times harder when I'm off on holiday next month to somewhere hot, and actually have a reason to purchase bikinis and summer dresses, but don't have the funds. 

Still I've spent the day sorting out a few bits and bobs to sell on eBay. I'll link once I've put them up in case you want a nosey. I'm feeling that with the combined sales of these said bits, I might be able to afford one or two of the pieces below that I'm currently coveting. 

1. Rodial Skinny Beach Stick - I use the Glamtox sticks last year and they were super effective. These are said to give you a 'slim, toned, ready-to-tan body'. Reviews are pretty good, and they are on offer at the moment. I really, really want to try these before my holidays.

2. River Island Pink Print Bikini top. Super cute pattern, plus bandeau's flatter my non-chest. Probably would just make do with the top and match it with some plain black bottoms, I prefer mix and matching my bikinis. I am under the deluded impression it makes my torso looker, and thus slimmer. Ha

3. Topshop MOTO High Waisted Sorbet Jamie Jeans - MUST get a pair of sorbet colour skinnies this season. Mint or peach would be fab. I like Topshop jeans as they generally fit well, and on a good day I can squeeze myself into a size 25 waist, uncomfortable, but worth it. 

4. ASOS Cut Out One Piece - I'm fascinated by all the different cut-out swimsuits that are around at the moment. But as I have no boobs, they are pretty much a no go. I'm thinking a low v-style might not look too bad, plus I love black and white stripes and the style of the back on this is cute. 

5. Ray-Ban Emma Sunglasses - I have a couple of Ray-Ban Aviators but the thin wire and design of them is a nightmare at the pool, wet hair gets tangled in them like nobody's business. I was tempted to get a pair of Wayfarers last year, but I think these are a little bit different, and slightly cheaper!

6. ASOS Leath and Suede Satchel - I'd love a satchel style bag and as I don't think a Mulberry Alexa is going to materialise for me this year, this is a pretty lovely alternative. No?

7. River Island Light Green Peep Toes - And lastly, I don't think I can go on without these. I just adore them. What a pop of colour they'd add. And how super, duper amazing would they look with a tan. And how appropriate would they be on my holiday to Ibiza that I accidentally just booked? Le Sigh. 

Anyone else got S/S in there sights?


Steph said...

im buying like mad lately too i keep saying to myself sure you'll never get it at that price again just buy it haha love those river island shoes i dunno if could spend €80 on them though:(

Emily said...

Love all these items! I think my wishlist has just got bigger! :)

Summer said...

Great wishlist! I really want a pair of pastel skinny jeans too, but I feel like they only look good on super skinny girls and I'm definitely NOT one! :( x

Nicola said...

Ive just been peaking at the RI website and they are some gorgeous spring clothing that i feel i need but don't really need.
Great post(:

KellyLouisexo said...

Put the link up to your ebay listings :) I'm really keen to see what you're selling as i love to grab a good bargain or two :) xx

Beth said...

Im spending waaaay too much just recently but always find ways to justify it! haa :)

I was having a cheeky peek at River Island's website last night and i spotted that bikini! Off on holiday soon so i may have to make a purchase on that... :)

I passed on a little award to you/gave you a little mention on my blog - im a fairly new follower but already enjoying reading your posts :)

Suzi said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments guys!

Sd said...

lovely items! There's an award for you on my blog if you'd like to check it out:xo


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